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Personalized Instagram Coaching Package

Personalized Instagram Strategy Coaching Package

Personalized Instagram Plan & 45 Minute Coaching Call

This packages is for for those seeking individual attention, advice, and guidance from me.

These sessions are tailored to you based on what you need help with.

I can help you with things like…

…figuring out an effective social media strategy

…finding who your target audience is on Instagram, and strategizing ways to reach them

…growing your personal or business Instagram account

…Getting your Instagram audience to actually respond to you and boost your engagement

…creating a plan for converting your Instagram followers into paying customers and clients

Basically: I can help you get out of that Instagram rut you’ve been stuck in for what seems like forever.

So if you’ve already been through my free content or my paid flagship course but you STILL want that extra level of hands-on help, then a coaching call with me is the logical next step.

What You Get:

  • An Instagram Strategy Plan write-up tailored specifically towards your business and the goals you want to achieve.
  • My personal undivided attention for 45 minutes while we discuss all of your Instagram and business-related questions.
  • Feedback on a customized strategy that will work for solving your problem or reaching your goals. We can talk about your Instagram marketing strategy, best practices, and ways to successfully monetize your account.
  • Actionable suggestions and feedback, for what you can do with your Instagram account and personal website.
  • Tips on how to improve your Instagram profile, how to create and post content that gets a raving response, and what growth tactics and methods to use in order to rapidly grow your following.

Your Instagram Strategy Plan will include:

  •  A complete assessment of what is working and what is not working for you
  •  A list of specific changes you need to make in order to attract more followers or customers
  • Easy to implement instructions to improve the quality of your posts, captions, hashtags, and comments
  • Suggested tools to help make managing your Instagram easier
  •  Specific advice on how to attract targeted followers who are interested in your topic

You will receive your individual Instagram Strategy Plan within 10 business days, after which you may schedule your coaching call with me.

Price: $597

***Not currently accepting applications at this time***