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There is one critical thing you should do FIRST when you’re starting out on Instagram, and that is to create the best Instagram bio to get followers.

Creating a great profile and bio should come BEFORE you get immersed in all the technical stuff like Instagram growth strategies, hashtags, and engagement groups.

And if you’re serious about growing a large following online, whether it’s for your blog or business or something else, you should turn your main focus on Instagram.

What makes Instagram so special? Quite a few things it turns out…

  • There are over 800 million monthly users on Instagram, and it’s growing at an accelerated rate. You can target the EXACT set of people who LOVE the things you sell and post about.
  • 34% of US internet users are on Instagram, and they spend more time on Instagram than any other network besides Facebook (and most people use Facebook to connect with family and friends, and NOT to follow brands and businesses).
  • Fantastic engagement with your audience – Instagram has HUGE engagement rates compared to other social platforms: with 2-7% engagement compared to Facebook’s 0.12-1.54% and Twitter’s dismal 0.02%. This is an AWESOME platform on which to interact with people and create loyal fans!

But before you even think about posting content, editing images, and testing growth strategies, you need to set up your Instagram bio and profile properly.

Crafting the best Instagram bio in a professional and efficient manner is STEP #1 in creating a successful Instagram account with lots of followers. This is KEY to getting people to take you seriously and will help you retain followers later.

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There are 4 key things you absolutely MUST do to set up the best Instagram bio and profile to achieve major success:

create the best instagram bio to get followers

1.Choose a great Instagram USERNAME + PROFILE PHOTO

The first thing to consider when starting fresh on Instagram is choosing a good username.

Make sure it is catchy and easy to remember, and if you plan on using other social media channels check to see if the name is available across all the platforms you plan on using.

This can make it easier for people to consistently find you across all your different channels of communication.

You also want to include a great photo of you, your logo, or something else that really represents your brand and what you do. Make sure it’s brightly lit, and that any text is large enough to read in the small format of Instagram’s profile picture.

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create the best instagram bio to get followers

2. Write a descriptive HEADLINE

After your username, your headline is the second thing people see when your account shows up in the search field. Your headline, or what you put in the ‘Name’ field when editing your profile shows up beneath your username when you come up in search.

This is a good place to put some keywords or a description that lets people know what you do or what your account is all about.

For example:

My Instagram username @gorattlethestars isn’t very descriptive of what my account is all about — but that’s okay.

I set my headline to ‘Social Media for Creatives’, to let people know what kind of content they can expect to see.

Now, if someone comes across my account in search, they’ll be more likely to click on through to my profile if they’re an artist or creative business owner looking to learn about using social media for their business.

create the best instagram bio to get followers

3. How to write the best Instagram BIO

In this section you can elaborate on who you are and what you do — you really want to let your audience know what you’re all about!

If potential followers are confused when they land on your digital doorstep, they are MUCH LESS likely to follow you. Keep things clear and concise.

Another good thing to include here is to get your visitors to do something by including a ‘call to action’. If you want people to tag their photos with your hashtag or you want people to visit your website, let them know in your bio!

If you want to make your bio neat and tidy with page breaks and bullet points, you might have noticed that Instagram won’t allow you to achieve this in-app.

But there’s a trick to getting this to work:

Type out your bio with bullet points or page breaks in another app like the Notes app on your phone, then copy and paste into Instagram.

And voilà! Neat and organized bullet points.

create the best instagram bio to get followers

4. Using your Instagram BIO LINK effectively

When combined with a good call to action, your bio link is THE most important thing on your Instagram profile if you’re running a business. It is the only clickable link you have on Instagram, so make sure you use it wisely!

One important tip for you:

DON’T use your Instagram bio link to send your followers to your homepage of your website.

Instead, get your followers to DO something.

Want to build your email list? Send them to an opt-in page with a freebie they can download as incentive to sign up.

Want them to buy from your store? Send them straight to your online shop with a coupon for a discount.

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The fewer clicks there are between your potential customer and what you want them to do, the better.

To give you an idea of what this all looks like put together, here’s my Instagram bio and profile on my two accounts:

create the best instagram bio to get followers

Action Items For Crafting the Best Instagram Bio to Get More Followers:

Your homework for today is to make sure your account is optimized for success!

That includes:

  1. A clear, attractive profile picture either of you, your brand logo, or something else representative of your account or brand.
  2. A descriptive, keyword-rich headline, that lets potential followers know what you’re all about before they even land on your profile page.
  3. A descriptive Instagram bio that elaborates in more detail what what your Instagram / brand is all about, and what you have to offer.
  4. *Optional* Include a call to action in your Instagram bio to get your audience taking some sort of action, such as tagging their photos with your brand hashtag, or signing up for your email list in exchange for a freebie.
  5. A bio link that gets your followers to DO something – whether that’s signing up to your email list for a freebie, going to a helpful blog post, or heading on over to your shop for a discount. Don’t just link to your homepage if you can help it!

Once you’ve done all those things, your best Instagram bio should be optimized for successfully attracting new followers!

Next, you’ll want to turn your attention to effective Instagram growth strategies as well as content creation in order to start attracting those followers. You can read more about these topics below:

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