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Hey there!

My name is Brie.

I’m a twenty-something Canadian gal who started 2016 as a woman on a mission:

To start an online business that would support me financially and allow me to eventually chase my crazy moonshot dreams (living to be 500, becoming a cyborg, and going to Mars are all on the short-list). 😛

My ultimate goal was to be my own boss, so I could be in charge of what my life looked like, with my success only limited by my own wits, creativity, and hard work.

I’m still working my way towards that goal, but I’m walking that path as best I can. I’m also here to share with you everything I learn along the way (Instagram is my current specialty).

I created my first website + business called Lobotany at the beginning of 2016, and Go Rattle the Stars a short 6 months later.

Lobotany covers my passion for gardening, and Go Rattle the Stars covers my other major passion: helping artists and other creatives to grow their business in the online world. 

I’m learning a lot from both, and constantly trying new things in a quest to find the absolute best strategies out there to grow a creative business online — so we can all spend more time doing the things we love.


Social Media Marketing

This is where it all began for me, and social media is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to get your business off the ground. I used Instagram to grow a community of over 100,000 fans in my first year.

How to Grow a Creative Online Business

Everything you need to know about getting your creative business started online, getting your name out there, and converting followers into $$$.

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

It’s the whole reason behind all the hard work right? Freedom! Having the ability to travel, spend more time with your family, start a new hobby, etc. The choices are literally endless.

Doing Good in the World

Because it’s not all about us. Showcasing ways you can use your business to help others succeed, and to make the world a better place than it was when we got here.


You may be wondering:

“What’s up with the name Go Rattle the Stars? What does it mean?”

The name Go Rattle the Stars is all about seizing the day and doing big things with your life — even when things aren’t easy.

We don’t believe in aiming small here.

If you could achieve one thing with your life, what would it be?

Once you’ve decided, my goal is to help you reach those lofty expectations by giving you access to the knowledge and resources you need in order to get there.

Got dreams of changing the world with your biz?

Everyone starts at ground zero.

I’m here to get you blasting off and sending you into orbit — where you’ll achieve big things and “rattle the stars” so to speak. 

Go Rattle the Stars exists for the creative souls who want to change the game, and for the people who want to take their knowledge and their skills and do incredible things with their lives.