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The 5 Pillar Instagram Success Framework

Want to stop struggling on Instagram and ACTUALLY grow your audience and business instead?

If you’re a go-getting female entrepreneur or business owner who’s ready to skyrocket your Instagram growth and profits, I’d like to introduce you to a proven system that works — namely, the 5 Pillar Instagram Success Framework.

So what is it?

It’s the exact system I used to rapidly grow multiple Instagram accounts to a combined 120,000+ followers in under a year, reach my ideal customers and clients, and create more revenue for my businesses.

And contrary to what most people believe, you DON’T need:

  • Any special talent or skill
  • A super expensive camera and the skills to take mind-blowingly awesome photos
  • Dazzling good looks or a booty that belongs on the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition
  • Bags of money to spend on ads to “boost” your post to new followers
  • A jet-setting lifestyle, a condo in Venice Beach, or a yacht and jet ski
  • 100,000 followers in order to make money on the platform

Tell me, were you surprised by any of these?

It’s 100% true, cross my heart and hope to die.

In fact, there are really only FIVE key things you need to focus on and excel at if you want to have a successful business on Instagram.

And they are the 5 Pillars that make up our Instagram Success Framework:

A. C. E. S. S.

Or more specifically:

  1. Audience
  2. Content
  3. Engagement
  4. Scaling & Growth
  5. Selling

That’s it. The whole she-bang.

So what’s the secret to using Audience, Content, Engagement, Scaling, and Selling and coming away with a growing audience of ideal customers and clients, despite the algorithm trying to make your life hell?

In order to grow your audience, boost your profits, and rise to the pinnacle of success by becoming a “celebrity” so-to-speak in your niche, here’s what you need to focus on in your Instagram business strategy:

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1) Audience

You need to get super clear on who your customer avatar is, where they hang out, what content they want to see from you, and how to talk to them the way they want.

Most people who are struggling on Insta need to start here.

Because if you’re inadvertently targeting the wrong audience with your content and growth strategies, you’re likely wasting your efforts my friend.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your photos, how funny and engaging your captions are, or how perfect your product is for your ideal customer… if you’re not getting the right eyeballs on it, you’re doomed to fail.

So the key here is to dive in and do some market research, and come away with a distinct and specific avatar of who exactly you’re targeting on Instagram.

What does their life look like? Where do they live? Who else are they following on Instagram? What struggles and pain points are they experiencing, and what are their hopes and goals?

These are all important questions to answer while you are doing your audience research.

2) Content

You need to create or curate high quality content in your main Feed and in your Stories that:

A) Grabs the attention of your target audience;

B) Establishes your brand and what you’re here for;

C) Engages with your audience and builds your relationships; and

D) successfully sells your products, services, and programs to your audience without coming across as “sales-y”.

Easy right?

…well maybe not so much.

You should be creating specific types of content that accomplishes each of these targets, and incorporating a mix of them all in your Instagram content strategy.

Viral content that has wide appeal and is easily shared is great for achieving aim A.

Sharing your thoughts, personal stories, lessons, and philosophies is a great way to build your brand, for aim B.

Posting captions with engaging questions that help to start conversations in the comments are amaaaazing for aim C. Don’t be afraid to get controversial!

And having a strategy for talking to your followers about your products and services in a way that gets across how much it will benefit them is key if you want to be able to sell on Instagram. Knowing what types of promotional content to post, how often to post it, and how to write convincing sales captions are all key in achieving aim D.

3) Engagement

You need to build up that “Know, Like, and Trust” factor with individuals in your audience.

Why? Because without it, your ideal followers won’t…

…follow you

…engage and chat with you

…buy from you

Which are all SUPER important things if a successful and profitable online business is on your goals list.

Engagement is the basis of growth (both the steady consistent kind and swift viral kind), as well as building the trust you’ll need to successfully sell to your Instagram audience.

That means using the info you dug up when studying your audience in step #1, and using it to create content that resonates, writing captions that drives engagement, and taking time each and every day to engage with your target audience members through giving likes, leaving comments, and following.

Engagement is the holy grail of building an Instagram audience that loves to hear from you and loves to buy every offer you put out there.

4) Scaling & Growth

Once you’ve got your core content and engagement strategy dialled in, it’s time to add in the super powerful growth enhancing methods to boost your audience building efforts into the big leagues.

Engagement strategies will be the base of your audience building machine, but there are extra things you can do to speed things up and scale your growth, like adding rocket boosters to your machine.

These are the proven strategies big accounts use to rapidly scale their audiences (and sales) on Instagram:

  • Collaborating with peers in your niche to cross-promote each other’s content and get exposure to each others’ audiences
  • Paid promotions and shout outs with big accounts in your niche, to gain exposure to big segments of your target audience, and enticing them over to become your followers as well
  • Using my two-pronged Viral Growth Strategy to source and create your own viral content, and use an Engagement Group Strategy to boost your content with viral potential all the way to the Instagram Explore page

Focusing on methods like these can help you achieve some incredible results — but they’re best used in combination with the Engagement strategies we talked about earlier.

But once you’ve got the basics dialled in and you’re ready to take your audience building to the next level 10k, 50k, 100k and beyond, these strategies will help you get there.

 5) Selling

You need a framework for successfully selling your incredible programs, products, and services to the audience you’ve worked so hard to grow — without coming across as a pushy used-car sales(wo)man.

It all started with deciding what exactly to sell to your audience, if you don’t already have a product or service ready to go.

And there are plenty of options to choose from:

  • Selling your own physical or digital products
  • Selling a service or coaching package
  • Selling products or services created by others (affiliate products — you receive a commission)
  • Selling your influence by promoting other brands or products to your Instagram audience

Whatever your business model looks like, you’ll need to focus on creating promotional content to sell to your audience.

This means writing effective sales copy that entices your followers to buy. Knowing what words to say, what pain points to bring up, what results to talk about that your audience members really really want to achieve.

This means crafting super actionable CTAs that get your followers off of Instagram and over to your sales page, onto a sales call, or into your shop.

And it also means writing killer landing pages, creating lead magnets that your followers absolutely must have right this second, and setting up email sales funnels that help you build up the essential Know, Like & Trust factors that will help turn more followers into paying customers.

Putting it All Together For a Positive Feedback Loop that Drives Audience Growth, Engagement, and Revenue

The truly magical thing about the 5 Pillar Instagram Success Framework is that each time you build momentum with one pillar, it drives energy and movement into the next:

You start with getting super clear on who your target Audience is. You know EXACTLY where to find them, and you know EXACTLY what kind of content they want to see.

That means, when it comes time to create and publish Content for Instagram, you’re waaaay more efficient and you know exactly what to post. You have an intrinsic understanding of what your followers will like and engage with.

Which means your Engagement goes up and up and UP! Since you’re consistently posting high quality content that you know your audience wants to see, your likes and comments go up. And the more your engagement goes up, the more people see your content, you show up higher in the feeds, people share your content with their friends, etc.

This causes your audience to Grow, and you start Scaling things up. Your audience is getting bigger which means some of those super powerful growth strategies we talked about become more effective for you. You can do collaborations (S4S) with bigger accounts in your niche, gaining exposure to bigger audiences. You can get into more exclusive engagement groups with more successful peers which will make going viral a heck of a lot easier.

And as you scale and grow your Instagram audience, more and more of your ideal clients and customers are seeing your products and buying them. Your Sales and revenue start to grow faster and faster as a result.

When you implement the 5 Pillar Instagram Success Framework on a daily basis, you build a targeted following of ideal customers and clients on Instagram who are primed and ready to pull their wallets out when you say the word.

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