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Instagram Marketing Tips | Instagram Influencer Marketing

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Instagram influencer marketing is a great and often inexpensive way to boost your business on Instagram. It’s also incredibly effective!

Major brands are even getting in on the action, paying niche influencers on Instagram to promote their products.

With Instagram influencer marketing, you can reach an incredibly TARGETED audience for the fraction of the price of traditional advertising — and that’s why it’s so powerful.

By having an Instagram influencer promote you, you can very quickly increase awareness of your business, grow your following, and best of all, you can gain a boost in sales.

Instagram marketing tips for Influencer marketing and making money on Instagram

You may have seen several influencers promoting hair vitamin gummies from Sugar Bear Hair.

Since Instagram’s introduction of the new algorithm a couple years ago, some businesses have experienced reduced reach, and influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly important strategy if you want your business to get noticed.

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Here’s everything you need to know about growing your business with Instagram influencer marketing:

How Instagram Influencer Marketing Works

Instagram marketing tips for Influencer marketing and making money on Instagram

Even the big brands like Saks use Instagram influencer marketing to promote their brand and make more sales.

Instagram has one of the most highly engaged user bases across social media platforms, making it a top choice for connecting with influencers in order to reach your target audience quickly and effectively.

With influencer marketing, you can completely avoid paying for traditional ads, which often target a cold audience.

When potential customers are introduced to your brand through an influencer, it’s coming from a trusted source. People are more likely to be genuinely interested and buy something from you when the information is coming from someone they know and trust.

How does it work? In general, influencer marketing starts with a brand/business reaching out to a popular Instagrammer to see if they would be willing to work together. This could be in the form of a single sponsored post, or a more long-term campaign.

If you want to work with much larger accounts, expect to pay for it! However, you may be able to trade a sample of your product in exchange for a promotion — many influencers are willing to do this if your brands line up.

Instagram marketing tips for Influencer marketing and making money on Instagram

You can promote just about anything on Instagram, including films and TV shows.

In the end, influencer marketing doesn’t have to be super expensive.

Make sure to choose influencers that fit your target market! Working with influencers in a similar audience to you is key to your success.

Found one? Go ahead and send that email!

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Here are 3 ways you can use Instagram influencers to grow your business:

1. Spread Awareness of Your Brand

If you’ve got a budding business, spreading the word and building awareness about your brand should be one of your top priorities.

Even if you’re more established, increasing awareness and introducing your brand to new audiences should always be on your agenda, and influencer marketing is a great way to accomplish this.

Think of it this way.

You have a small Instagram account for your business with 1,000 followers. You decide to do a sponsored post with an influencer in your niche who has 100,000 followers.

On your own, you’re only able to reach a very small audience, but with one post on an influencer’s Instagram account you’ve massively increased your reach!

You can reach waaaay more people with the help of influencers than you can on your own, and the more people who know you exist, the better.

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2. Make More Sales of Your Product or Service

Instead of simply increasing your brand awareness, why not cut to the chase and aim for generating more sales?

Instagram marketing tips for Influencer marketing and making money on Instagram

An influencer promoting a fashion brand to her Instagram audience.

A great way to make more sales on Instagram is to partner with an influencer, and give them a special offer or discount code to offer to their audience.

That way, the influencer can give their audience something of value (instead of just advertising to them), and the audience is encouraged to buy.

Making the discount available for a limited time can give your campaign a sense of urgency that encourages your potential customers to act and buy from you now (before they forget!).

If you don’t convince people to buy from you right away, it often never happens. That’s why giving them incentive to buy NOW by using scarcity is so incredibly effective.

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3. Encourage Use of Your Branded Hashtag

Are you looking to spread awareness of your brand through use of your own branded hashtag, or trying to get some user generated content to help promote your products? Influencer marketing can be used to achieve these goals as well.

If you’ve created a branded hashtag that you want more people to post with, you can get the word out by using Instagram influencers. Ask the influencer to use it in the sponsored post they publish for you, and include a call to action in the caption asking for their audience to use your hashtag as well.

You’ll get more people using your hashtag, and you’ll also have more to choose from when selecting user generated content to repost to your account.

I use this strategy with my gardening Instagram account @lobotany. Since I post user generated content almost exclusively on this account, it’s important for me to get as many people creating content and tagging it with my hashtag as possible.

I let people know on my profile that they have a chance to be featured on my Instagram page if they tag their best gardening photos with #lobotany.

Instagram marketing tips for Influencer marketing and making money on Instagram

I currently have thousands of images to choose from (over 38,000 at the time of this writing) when I’m selecting what to post next, and it also spreads the word about my brand much farther than my immediate audience.

As you can see, there are a ton of advantages to using Instagram influencer marketing to boost your creative business.

Whether you’re just starting to get the word out there about your brand or actively selling products, sponsored posts can help get you front and center before the eyes of a large and targeted audience who is going to love what you have to offer.

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