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1k , 10k, 100k - what'll make a difference in your business?

Find out the EXACT strategies I used to not only gain my first 1,000 followers in under 30 days, but to gain 10K in 90 days.

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  • How to set up your account to look sharp and professional — and direct your followers exactly where you want them.
  • How to create a great content strategy, that gets your followers coming back for more. What apps to use, when and how often to post, and more.
  • Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags! – How they work, how to choose the best ones, and where to put ’em to get your account growing quickly.
  • Curating the best content for your feed, and why it’s so important to really understand your audience and their wants and needs.
  • What the best strategies are for growing your following quickly and effectively, no matter what size you are.
  • How to streamline your Instagram strategy with analytics and scheduling. What parameters you should be keeping track of, and how to pre-schedule your daily posts ahead of time.
  • …and SO much more!
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