The End Of Instagram Automation? No More Instagress Or Mass Planner

The End of Instagram Automation? No More Instagress or Mass Planner

    Popular automation services Instagress and Mass Planner have bitten the dust. Is this the end of Instagram automation? There are plenty of people upset, and also plenty of people jumping for joy -- and for good reason. It’s important to note that the kind of automation we’re talking about here was never really allowed in the first place. Programs like Instagress, Mass Planner, and Follow Liker were always breaking Instagram’s TOS, but many many people got away with it if they were careful and stuck to certain guidelines. For this reason, automation programs were a godsend to some…

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45+ Awesome Resources For Bloggers + Creative Entrepreneurs

45+ Awesome Resources for Bloggers + Creative Entrepreneurs

  As a blogger and online business owner, I get asked a certain question a lot: “What do you use for ______?” Knowing which resources to use to complete certain tasks can mean the difference between pulling your hair out in frustration and breezing through a task in 20 minutes. So to answer all your questions of “What did you use for that?” I’ve put together this comprehensive list of all the tools and resources I personally use (or have used in the past) in my online business. You’ll find everything here, from what I use to build my website,…

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Join An Instagram Engagement Group – Rise Shine Engage

Join an Instagram Engagement Group – Rise Shine Engage

    Are you ready to up your Instagram game, by using engagement groups to boost likes, comments, and followers? If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place -- welcome to the Rise Shine Engage rounds group! Once you’ve downloaded the Telegram app and created a user account, you can fill out this very quick form to request an invite: The Rise Shine Engage Telegram group is currently NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS. If you're interested in joining when we do open again for new applicants, we'll make the announcement first in our Facebook group. So sign…

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900,000 Views: How I Went Viral On Instagram (and Gained Thousands Of New Followers)

900,000 Views: How I Went Viral on Instagram (and gained thousands of new followers)

  I know what slow growth feels like. I also know what amazing, rapid, viral growth feels like--and it’s not as hard to achieve as you probably think. It can be incredibly frustrating spending hours every week putting together the best content for your Instagram account, only for it to gain you mediocre results. I've spent a lot of time feeling that disappointment myself. I spent so much time trying different things, testing out new content, and not seeing the results that I wanted. But that all changed when I shifted my strategy towards a method that aims to get…

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The Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Guide

The Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Guide

  Hashtags are a key component of any Instagram strategy, and if you haven’t incorporated them into your own yet, you’re missing out! A great hashtag strategy can help you grow your Instagram page passively, even when you sleep, and attracted a targeted audience of people who love your content. So how do you use hashtags effectively? There’s a lot of confusion out there on how to use them properly, but I promise you hashtags aren’t all that complicated! This is largely due to the huge volume of misinformation out there, that can make it easy to go in the…

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How To Grow Your Instagram + Email List With Paid Promotions

How to Grow Your Instagram + Email List With Paid Promotions

  Getting your Instagram audience growing at a pace that pleases you can be a tall order -- especially when your account is still small. There are tons of free ways to grow your business on Instagram, but let’s say you’re already putting a bunch of them into action and you’re still not seeing the results you want. What then? Maybe your influence is growing, but you want to go even faster. One of the best way I know how to do that is to use paid shoutouts or sponsored posts with an account with a larger audience. A little…

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How I Created A Passive Income Stream Selling T-shirts On Instagram

How I Created a Passive Income Stream Selling T-shirts on Instagram

  Of all the questions I get every day about how to become successful with Instagram, the one thing people are most stumped about it how to make money on the platform. After you’ve spent all that time and effort building your audience and curating great content, how to do you turn that asset into an income? There are quite a number of ways you could make money on Instagram, but one of the easiest, and the one I got started with is selling branded merchandise. This could be t-shirts, ball caps, phone cases, tote bags, home decor - you…

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Step-by-Step: How To Find + Join Pinterest Group Boards (to Explode Your Traffic)

Step-by-Step: How to Find + Join Pinterest Group Boards (to Explode Your Traffic)

  You’ve probably heard the same advice time and again when it comes to growing your blog traffic with Pinterest: “Join group boards and pin your content to them often!” It sounds like a simple undertaking, until you actually try to find and join said group boards. How do you even search for great group boards in your niche when Pinterest doesn’t have a specific search for this anyway? After spending hours finding boards that are the right fit, half of them are not accepting contributors, and the ones that are have a bunch of elaborate hoops you have to…

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My Case Study – 50K In 5 Months On Instagram

My Case Study – 50K in 5 Months on Instagram

Having been quite successful with my own Instagram pursuits over the last year, a question I get again and again is this: "How do you actually grow your business with Instagram?” When I tell people how quickly I’ve been able to grow my Instagram account for my business, I get a lot of skeptical looks. Not just because some people have a hard time believing how fast I was able to grow, but people wondering how the heck I’m using something like Instagram to grow my business in the first place. Because social media is just for selfies and sharing…

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3 Fatal Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram (and How To Fix Them)

3 Fatal Mistakes You’re Making on Instagram (and how to fix them)

  How happy are you with the results you’re getting on social media? If you’re struggling or not seeing the results you want, there’s a good chance you may be making a fatal mistake or two that’s cramping your style! There are a whole host of mistakes I see people making on Instagram, and I’ve made a lot of them myself. But knowing our mistakes is the first step we need to take in order to fix them. That’s why I’d like to talk about the three most common fatal mistakes I see people making on Instagram all the time.…

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